Edible massage oil can make wonders

Aug 09, 2023
Edible massage oil can make wonders

Massage therapy provides numerous health benefits. Add some essential oils to this edible massage oil, and you’ve got a winning combination.

This seductive combination will help you relax, relieve tension, improve your mood, and strengthen your bond with your spouse.

For optimal health, use edible massage oil

The majority of us will readily confess that massage is simply relaxing. Massage, on the other hand, has been proved to provide a slew of advantages. Here are just a handful of the benefits of a good massage (source).

Cortisol, a stress hormone that can generate an unattractive belly bulge, should be reduced.

Serotonin and dopamine, our feel-good neurotransmitters, are increased, which helps to improve mood.

Influences delta brain waves, which aid in relaxation and sleep.

Increases white blood cell count to boost immunity (aromatherapy massage’s immunological and psychological effects).

Increases mental clarity and alertness.

Reduces the sensations of pain and anxiety.

Essential oil for Skin irritation 

Certain essential oils, particularly those classified as “hot,” such as cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger, should be used cautiously.

For all of the edible massage oil recipes, I’ve listed the maximum dilution ratios of each essential oil. All of the essential oils are diluted to a level that is deemed safe for skincare.

Please remember that, even if these are skin-safe, you should still avoid any sensitive regions, if you know what I mean. It’s not enjoyable to have burning, itching, and rashes in your nether regions!

The goal of a massage is usually to promote health and relaxation. To put it another way, it’s a form of treatment. Many massage oils are made up of a blend of plant-based carrier oils and essential oils to achieve this.

Depending on the key ingredients, some blends are better and more popular than others. There are massage oils on the market that contain mineral oils and other chemicals that, while technically natural, are not advised — especially when compared to other types of oil. So, which massage oil is the best? That is debatable.

The human body is a tough, but delicate and feeble structure. As a result, we should approach it as such.

You’ll want to use the finest oils for massaging the skin and penetrating deep into the tissues if you want the best therapeutic experience. This means you’ll be employing plant extracts rather than distilled crude oil leftovers.

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