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    Variation : 200ml

This Unani massage oil is made with heating herbs with oils. This combination of Kalonji and indigenous herbs are very beneficial for your body and skin. In case you suffer from any kind of injury or swelling then just massage with the roghan sukoon massage oil and with its sat ajwain & ratan jot your injury will be cured soon. Apart from that, the following are the additional benefits of roghan sukoon massage oil:

 1. You can get relief from headaches by massaging this oil to your head. It does not leave side effects on hair.

2.  It is useful to treat hard muscles and limbs, body aches, muscular pains, extreme joint pain and swelling.

3. It helps to get relief from back pain, headache, sprain, and more.

4. This oil also helps to prevent cold or flu.

5. It includes camphor and eucalyptus oil to cure you of itching, eczema, and skin diseases. 

An ordinary massage with these oil tones unwinds and feeds the skin and muscle tissue just as flushes the poisons from the body to offer radiance to the skin. Our roghan Sukoon oil is a greasing up massage oil that is interestingly defined to be non-oily and smooth against your skin and is ideal for a standard back rub.

This oil is supporting and detoxifying, and can be utilized both all over or the whole body.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10*10*25 cm
Variant 100ml 200ml 500ml

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